Unprecedented Defict Spending Continues

A month ago the House of Representatives passed HR1, that would fund the government for the remainder of 2011 with paltry cuts of $61 billion. HR1 would reduce the 2011 deficit 3.7% from 1,645,119,000,000 to $1,585,119,000,000. On March 9, HR1 was defeated in the Senate. All Senate Democrats voted “no,” because they thought the cuts […]

The Budget Tragicomedy in Congress

The drama is overwrought, and the debate is thundering.  But the substance is trifling. On february 20 The Republican House of Representatives passed a bill that would cut a mere $61 Billion from the Obama’s $3.5 Trillion spending plan for 2011. My first reaction was disappointment after such big talk during the campaign.   I was […]

Deficit Alarm Ringing: Urgent Action Required

The Congressional Budget Office released its annual Budget and Economic Outlook last week.  It demonstrates the urgency of the mission voters elected Republicans to undertake. CBO’s projections are based on, quoting from the report: …the assumption that current laws governing taxes and spending will remain unchanged. The government’s fiscal year began on October 1, so […]

A Positive Proposal in State of The Union

America should be the best, not one of the worst places on the planet to do business! The State of the Union speech was long and as usual, was bland after expectations were built by weeks of media hype.  For the most part President Obama dug in his heels and avoided any concessions to his […]

TSA Pat-Down Protest Song

Grammy winner Steve Vaus released his new song, “Help You Make It to Your Flight.” (The song starts after a 15 second ad.)

No Time to Extend Tax Cuts But Congress is Busy

The House of Representatives has adjourned without extending the current income tax rates, that have been in place since 2003.  If Congress does not act all tax bracket rates will go up January 1. The per child tax credit will be cut in half.  Every American who pays income tax will be hit with a […]

Emanuel Doctrine Drives Immigration Policy

On Thursday, President Obama delivered a speech on immigration that was an obvious attempt to turn a crisis into an opportunity for Democrats and progressives. It’s impossible to  know how many illegal aliens reside in the US.  But government estimates – for whatever they’re worth – have ranged over the last decade from 10 to […]

The Newest Deal: Brutal Honesty in Politics

Politico.com reports that Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has advice for fellow Democrats running for reelection. Does he want them to promise to resurrect government run health care?  NO! Does he advise them to promote other programs from the President’s agenda, including: big tax increases on small businesses? Cap and […]

Prepare For the Counterattack

Whether we like it or not, we are in a political war to determine what ideology will prevail in the future of America.  Will it be the ideology of liberty?  Or will it be the ideology of authoritarian control by a self-appointed elite?  Last night the authoritarian side lost a battle.  But the war is […]

Leading Homeland Security with Breathtaking Incompetence

By now, everyone in America has heard that two days after the terrorist attack on a Northwest Airlines flight, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, asserted, absurdly, that “the system worked.” Secretary Napolitano now claims the media took her comment out of context.  But a review of the transcript reveals that “system worked” was only […]

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