Another Millionaire Falls For The Obama Tax Scam

Novelist Stephen King became the latest rich guy to board the Obama tax-hikes-on-the-rich band wagon with an angry, profanity laced essay at The Daily Beast titled “Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!”   It’s a long, rambling screed, based mostly on leftist folklore and tired campaign slogans.  Since the media are likely to turn Mr. King into […]

Steady, Committed Leadership Prevails in Wisconsin

Major flow of Democratic Party Campaign Funds will end. After two weeks of attempted mob rule, aided by President Obama’s outside political organization,  it’s finally done.  On Thursday, as another apoplectic mob gathered inside and outside the Capitol building screaming, cursing and pounding drums, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Governor Walker’s legislation to reduce the […]

State Of The Union Preview

The media are reporting that President Obama will attempt to use his State of The Union speech to divert the national focus from the government’s catastrophic debt to America’s competitive position internationally, the latest designated crisis that won’t go to waste. The message apparently will be that competitiveness has suffered because the federal government spends […]

Flashback: Bellicose Leftist Rhetoric

As the media herd stampedes to blame “vitriolic rhetoric” from conservative commentators and tea party folks for the shocking slaughter of innocents in Arizona, a reader suggested we reprise a video we first published in 2009 after the first round of tea party gatherings across the country on April 15 tax day. This is a […]

Local Sheriff Among the First and Worst

Following Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s lead, politicians and Commentators from the Left rushed to blame their political adversaries for the mass shooting and killing in Arizona It’s hard to find strong enough language to express the horror and outrage most of us experienced when we heard that a man had shot twenty people at a meet-and-greet […]

NPR Fires Juan Williams. Who’s Intolerant?

One of the most often repeated leftist/progressive chants is that conservatives in general and Fox News in particular are “intolerant” of diverse points of view.  But… NPR did provide a microphone to Juan Williams because his point of view was in compliance with that network’s leftist/progressive ideology. Then, NPR managers fired Williams to punish him […]

What is “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform?

Over the weekend, the unhinged reaction to Arizona’s new border enforcement law took the form of May Day, “immigrant rights” demonstrations all across the country.  The speeches all followed the same outline: Demonize Arizonans for seeking to enforce the federal law that forbids foreigners from entering the U.S. without authorization and requires deportation of those […]

The Arizona Law: Hysteria Vs. Reality

The weekend May Day rallies capped off a week of establishment denunciation of Arizona for enacting a law that empoweres local police to arrest people who are in the country illegally, and turn them over to federal authorities for deportation. By now virtually every American has heard the hysterical chants from the political-media establishment: ‘Toughest […]

Will We Trade Real Liberty for Fake Security?

The promise of great benefits from government, in exchange for restricted economic liberty, is as old as politics and never seems to lose it’s appeal, no matter how many times it is turns out to be a fraudulent sales pitch. The President, Members of Congress, and the political-media establishment have been furiously selling, and are […]

Blowback from Politician’s Attempt to Prosecute Critic

Representative Alan Grayson of Florida is a hero to the hard left.  He’s the one who made news with a vitriolic speech on the House floor, claiming the GOP health care position was for patients to die. Grayson’s campaign website, “” proudly solicits contributions with video of his hysterical diatribes. Recently, a Florida Republican Activist, […]

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