It’s The Spending, Stupid

During weeks of post-election campaigning and economic debate in Washington the political-media establishment has simply ignored the the real cause of the government’s monstrous deficits and rapidly growing debt. After years of refusing to deal with relentless growth in federal spending Congress and the President have dragged us to the Fiscal Cliff, a nickname for […]

Cynical Campaign Rhetoric Continues

The President is not yet serious about resolving the Fiscal Cliff crisis he helped create. Due to negligence on the part of President Obama and Senate Democrats, 2011 and 2012 budget and borrowing issues were not resolved.  Instead the President actually signed into law a series of bills that add up to The Fiscal Cliff […]

Politics Vs Economic Principles

At his news conference Wednesday President Obama insisted on tax increases for “the wealthy” a strategy that directly targets small and medium sized businesses that are most likely to create jobs.  He was reminded by a reporter that he had agreed in 2010 to give up fighting for tax hikes and keep all the Bush […]

ObamaNomics Vs The Little Guy & His Family

President Obama’s reelection campaign was based almost entirely on allegations that Mitt Romney was morally disqualified for office because he was “for the rich” while Obama was “for the little guy and his family.”  But since the first day of the Obama Administration it has been “the little guy” who needs employment, and his family, […]

Obama’s Only Jobs Boast Is a Jobs Failure

If you’ve heard a campaign speech by President Obama or Vice President Biden or you’ve heard their cheer leaders in the media, you’re familiar with the one employment statistic they bellow at every opportunity: Over the last thirty months we’ve created 4.6 million private sector jobs! They hope voters will think 4.6 million, the net […]

Unemployment Rate Is Much Worse Than It Looks

The September Jobs report published Friday by the labor Department was a deep disappointment. Only 96,000 jobs created in August, a pathetically small number, about a third fewer jobs than the monthly increase in the working age population. President Obama and his supporters, hoping for a positive response from recession weary voters, rushed to the […]

Worst Post Recession Job Market Since 1939

The latest jobs report was another disappointment.  In July:  Employers created 163,000 jobs in July, a welcome improvement over April, May and June, but still not nearly enough to both replace jobs lost in 2008 and 2009 and keep up with population growth.  The unemployment rate ticked up from 8.2% to 8.3%.  (Late in the […]

Unprecedented Misery

Barack Obama’s bizarre comment regarding the most recent jobs report seems to indicate a profound disconnect from the grim reality Americans continue to suffer. The June Jobs Report published by the Labor Department Friday was, again, a deep disappointment. Private sector employers hired 84,000 employees and government cut 4,000 for a net 80,000 additional jobs.  […]

Obama’s Public Sector Jobs Shakedown

How many government jobs would satisfy the President and the Democrats? President Obama kicked up a lot of dust when, in the course of answering a reporter’s question about the economy, he announced that “the private sector is doing fine.”  His media defenders assure us it was an unscripted slip and the Conservative reaction was […]

Obama: “The Private Sector is Doing Fine”

Does President Obama understand fundamental economic principles? The President held a Press Conference Friday to discuss the state of the economy and job creation  and made a startling assertion: Reporter’s Question on the topic of jobs: What about the Republicans saying that you’re blaming the Europeans for the failures of your own policies? President Obama: […]

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