Political Science: Freezing Proves Warming

“Scientific” validation of the global warming theory literally changes with the weather. Those who prefer authoritarian government over liberty have adopted global warming/climate change as the perfect justification: global catastrophe looms if government doesn’t control, tax and ration energy production and energy consumption.  When politicians control your access to energy they will control your life. […]

Court Reins In Imperious President

Scroll for Updates: On Tuesday the US District Court Judge Martin Feldman issued an injunction against the Obama Administration, prohibiting it from enforcing its moratorium on all “deep water” drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The moratorium had stopped work on 33 wells currently being drilled by companies other than BP, even though none of […]

Obama’s BP Speech Reveals Narcissistic Arrogance

Obama’s second major oil spill speech was the second time he followed the Emanuel Doctrine. The typical TV sitcom is a clash of disparate personalities, each pursuing his or her own agenda, unable to sincerely empathize with the others.  In Tuesday night’s oil spill speech President Obama was a narcissistic Raymond Barone paying lip service […]

An Inconvenient Truth Obama Forgot to Mention

During his Oval Office Oil Spill speech Tuesday night the President said: …part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean – because we’re running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water. Well, there are plenty of places to drill on land.  One is […]

California Senator Smacks Down California Farmers

On Monday we reported in the article below this one on the tragic  Obama Administration policy, enforced by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), of cutting off irrigation water to farms in California’s Central Valley, turning some of the nation’s most productive agricultural land into a barren dust bowl. According to USFWS  the water […]

To Comfort a Fish, Government Destroys Farms

As Congressmen and Senators stumble through the political process writing, negotiating, horse-trading and re-writing the thousands of pages that will empower government with dramatically increased authority over every American’s access to medical services, we should contemplate the experiences of others who have, in good faith, placed themselves at the mercy of the same political processes. […]

An Energy Shortage Made in Washington

Last week, while the media was focused on the Michael Jackson drama in Los Angeles, the House of Representatives in Washington passed, by seven votes, President Obama’s gargantuan global warming bill, 1090 pages of new taxes, fees, regulations and artificially imposed energy shortages.   A 300 page collection of fine-print amendments miraculously appeared at three AM, […]

Desperate in Denver: Limo Shortage Threatens DNC Amity

The hypocrisy of the Left is so transparent and ubiquitous it’s almost too routine to be real news. But we couldn’t let this one go by. . The alarming development is that even though there are roughly a thousand limousines available for hire in the DNC Convention city of Denver, theres a shortage for convention […]

Obama’s Energy Speech: Sound & Fury Signifying Nothing

Last week Barack Obama said that if you get better about inflating your tires, no additional oil would be necessary. Here’s the video clip. Today, in a Michigan speech, Obama spoke at length on energy but apparently forgot about how important tire pressure was last week. But some helpful folks from the McCain campaign reminded […]

Gas Prices: The Crisis Made In Washington

Yesterday, President Bush again called on Congress to repeal it’s bans against drilling for oil on American territory and in American waters. . From the Democrat leaders in the House and Senate came the usual insipid response that “Bush policies” caused high gas prices. As always, they were unable to identify or describe the bad […]

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