ObamaCare Vs The Constitution (2)

From the very beginning, the ObamaCare arguments before the Supreme Court were a lesson in the folly of ignoring the wisdom of our Constitution, a charter for a government with just a few, limited, enumerated powers.  Solicitor General Verrilli, whose unenviable assignment was to defend ObamaCare opened things up: “The Affordable Care Act addresses a […]

When Does “Green Investment” Become Corruption?

Liberty Works reported the $529 million government loan guarantee granted by the Obama Energy Department to Fisker Automotive here and here in September, 2009.  Back then most of the establishment media were still enthralled with the new President they had so vigorously promoted into the White House and did not want to report anything that […]

Weiner-Gate and the Fallacy of Progressivism

The picture was of me and I sent it. Congressman Anthony Weiner finally confessed.  His Twitter account was not “hacked” as he had been claiming for a week.  And, hoping to head off more damage from additional salacious photos waiting in the wings to be splashed over the Internet, he admitted to several on-line dalliances.  […]

Liberty VS Union Power

TV news continuous to regale us with video of Wisconsin’s Democratic State Representatives on the floor of the state Assembly screaming “shame! shame!” at their Republican colleagues after the state Assembly voted to pass Governor Walker’s finance bill.   For two weeks the establishment media has supported the protesters and their vitriolic denunciation of Walker […]

The Willful Crisis, Act II

Due to incompetence and malfeasance Congress has failed to complete its core, Constitutional duties: Pass a budget for fiscal year 2011, which began October 1, 2010. Pass 12 appropriations bills that break the budget down to more manageable pieces and grant each department and agency the budget authority to continue operations. Thus, Congress has given […]

A Willful Crisis & “One Last Spending Binge”

Senator McConnell called it “one last spending binge.”  It’s 1,924 pages of emergency spending authority totaling about $1.1 trillion that must be passed this week to prevent a government shut down. Politicians love a budget crisis because it gives them an opportunity to sneak some home state pork and special interest subsidies into a bill […]

Biden Gaffe Confirms Congressional Negligence

“These are gigantic packages…and a lot of the people really involved don’t even know what’s inside the packages.” Thirty Second Video Vice President Biden blames lack of public approval on lack of public comprehension due to the size and complexity of Obama legislative packages. As is his wont the Vice President makes an inadvertent admission.  […]

Obama and BP Have Lived by The Same Sword

Even as President Obama castigates BP, he and the oil giant earned the same comeuppance as fallout from the oil spill. As the oil spill catastrophe drags on and on the President suffers his most virulent attacks from his leftist base, including the media and the environmental movement.  These are the folks who fell for […]

The Constitution Will Prevail Over ObamaCare

Update March 21:  Obviously, we were wrong.  The House has passed the Senate version, and ObamaCare and it is now the law of the land. March 13, 2010: The conflicts and lack of trust within the their own Party make it impossible for President Obama and the Democrats to enact their sweeping government take-over of […]

The Newest Deal: Brutal Honesty in Politics

Politico.com reports that Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has advice for fellow Democrats running for reelection. Does he want them to promise to resurrect government run health care?  NO! Does he advise them to promote other programs from the President’s agenda, including: big tax increases on small businesses? Cap and […]

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