What The DACA Fight Is Really About

To understand WHY Democrats panic over DACA has driven them to shut down the government, context matters. Establishing context begins with the 2016 election. Losing the White House and Congress was a far bigger setback for Democrats and the liberal/progressive movement the party represents than the loss of one election. The Trump/GOP victory is an […]

Case Closed: Trump’s Executive Order IS Legal & Constitutional

As this is published The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is reviewing and will either nullify or affirm a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) granted by a lower court that blocks enforcement of the President’s Executive Order. The opposition media have established their hostile Trump narrative.  In it they characterize President Trump as […]

President’s Amnesty Program Includes a Generous Cash Bonus

President Obama recently announced a new program granting amnesty in the form of “deferred deportation” status, including work permits, to millions of illegal immigrants who are parents. Some of the President’s remarks seemed to be directed at the illegal immigrant population, including: If you register, pass a criminal background check and you’re willing to pay […]

Arizona Immigration Law Is Also California Law

City officials in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento have passed ordinances that seek to economically punish the people of Arizona for taking steps to stop a wave of violent crime.  Arizona’s new law empowers local police to identify illegal aliens and turn them over to federal immigration officials for deportation. These California politicians apparently […]

USA Vs Arizona Reveals Inconvenient Truth

On Tuesday the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona in federal Court. The legal brief discloses some facts about sloppy practices in the government’s immigration “system” that most Americans do not know, but would be outraged if they did. Foreigners who are in the country legally are required to register with […]

Federal Government Sues The People of Arizona

The long threatened suit was finally filed in federal court today by the Department of Justice. For weeks President Obama and several Administration officials, have hysterically charged that the Arizona law would facilitate or require or permit racial profiling.  Yet profiling is not the grounds for this suit.  Much of the 25 page legal brief […]

America Can Achieve A Secure Border

The immigration debate is between two points of view: 1. Secure Borders:   This faction wants to use whatever means necessary to stop virtually all illegal border crossings before Congress considers any changes to immigration law. 2. “Comprehensive immigration reform.”  This faction wants Congress to start, not with securing the borders but with another of […]

Secure The Border First, Then Reform Immigration

Two bits of seemingly contradictory news were reported on Tuesday. Republican Senate leaders met privately with President Obama to discuss border security and immigration issues.  After the meeting Republican Senator Brownback told reporters that the President was “not embracing” Republican calls for securing the border before Congress takes up so-called “comprehensive immigration reform.” Obama announced […]