Voters Choose: ObamaNomics or Reaganomics

On November 6, 1984 voters rewarded President Ronald Reagan with a record shattering reelection victory.  Twenty Eight years later November 6, 2012, President Barack Obama’s reelection odds appear to be even at best. The Commerce Department has released it’s quarterly report.  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was up 2% during the third quarter, 2012.  While the […]

Obama Campaign Numerically Challenged

In an appearance on MSNBC Obama spokseperson Stephanie Cutter asserted that job creation during the Obama “recovery” from recession that began 28 months ago has been better than either the Bush recovery or the Reagan Recovery.  As a service to Ms. Cutter and the Obama Campaign we compiled the data from the Bureau of Labor […]

The Chicken Revolution Against Sneering Elitists

By now most readers are aware that Chick-fil-A appreciation day was a huge success, with tens of thousands of customers forming blocks-long lines to buy chicken sandwiches and show their support for COO Dan Cathy’s right to freedom of speech and religion.  It’s hard to imagine how the progressive elite that started this fight could […]

Bain Capital: A Small Thing In a Big Election

The following quote from Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign speech, was repeated a hundred times in a hundred venues.  He even recycled for his inaugural address: If you can’t beat your opponent’s ideas, you distort those ideas — maybe you just make some up!  If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint […]

Obama Ad Denies He Said “You didn’t build that.”

A bizarre ad just published by the Obama Campaign first denies and then confirms his scornful attitude toward entrepreneurs. President Obama generated self-inflected, negative headlines at a recent campaign rally.  He called for tax hikes on high income Americans and then, lacking the restraint of a teleprompter and intoxicated by the cheering crowd, he plunged […]

Supreme Court Smacks Down Arrogant Union

In Knox Vs The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) the Supreme Court rebuked the fiercely partisan union for violating the free speech rights of non-members.  The ruling diminished the political power of government employee unions, and the Justices appeared to be offering to further diminish that power whenever someone brings them a relevant case. As […]

Wisconsin Unions’ Self Destructive Recall

Even if they had won the recall election the unions would have suffered a net loss. After fifteen months of continuous acrimony, culminating in a third recall election, the progressive political movement, the Democratic party and government unions suffered a major defeat in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker won the election by a decisive 53% to […]

The Media Are Blind To Corruption In Plain Sight

Washington Post columnist agrees the government union system is set up to benefit Democrats but doesn’t see corruption! By now most readers probably know that the citizens of Wisconsin must endure yet another recall election because Governor Walker and the GOP legislature enacted reforms to reduce the power of public employee unions.  The unions counter-attacked […]

The Happy Baby Boomer Retirement Lie

Suppose a man in his fifties loses his job and, after months of actively searching for new employment gives up looking for a while even though he still wants a job.  Is he “unemployed” or “retired?” As the chart shows, the labor force participation rate – the percentage of the working age population that is […]

Ask Obama Who’s Not “Doing Their Fair Share”

In a rational world a President would honor these people as economic heroes who do far more than their “fair share.” This week the Obama campaign transitions from gay marriage to placing blame for the looming government debt crisis on the only people who are doing anything to alleviate it.  He continues to insist that […]

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