Blowback from Politician’s Attempt to Prosecute Critic

firstamendmentyeswecanRepresentative Alan Grayson of Florida is a hero to the hard left.  He’s the one who made news with a vitriolic speech on the House floor, claiming the GOP health care position was for patients to die.

Grayson’s campaign website, “” proudly solicits contributions with video of his hysterical diatribes.

Recently, a Florida Republican Activist, Angie Langley opened an opposition website, “”   Langley’s “nuts” site is a parody of Grayson’s using the same colors and similar graphic elements.

Last week Grayson revealed that he can dish it out but can’t take it. He filed a four page complaint against Ms. Langley with Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to prosecute and imprison her.

According to Grayson, Ms. Langley’s prosecutable offenses are:

  1. Inferring that he is her Congressman when she lives outside his district, and
  2. Putting up a site that is “utterly tasteless and juvenile.”

What did Alan Grayson get for his petulant attempt violate Ms. Langley’s First Amendment rights?  More media attention and new visitors to her site than money could ever buy., tabulates visitor counts and ranks every website in the world against every other site.  For example, Google is ranked #1, Facebook #2, Amazon #17, New York Times #97, and Fox News #224.  LibertyWorks is ranked #376,155

Three months ago”” was ranked #3,482,129.  But it’s rank for the past seven days was #51,471 and rising.

The delicious irony: Grayson’s site is ranked #220,323 and falling for the past seven days.

Please Congressman Grayson, file a complaint against!

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