Biden Gaffe Confirms Congressional Negligence

“These are gigantic packages…and a lot of the people really involved don’t even know what’s inside the packages.”

Thirty Second Video

Vice President Biden blames lack of public approval on lack of public comprehension due to the size and complexity of Obama legislative packages.

As is his wont the Vice President makes an inadvertent admission.  “The people really involved” are the Senators and Congressmen who voted to enact these “gigantic packages.”  We, The People will have to suffer the consequences over many years as we, The President, The Vice President and the Senators and Congressmen who enacted “gigantic packages” learn by living through them what the consequences will be.

Most Americans know that most of the Senators and Congressmen who voted to enact thousand of pages of new law and changes to existing law in the ObamaCare bill, the energy bill, the recently enacted financial regulation bill and the $800 Billion Recovery Act (AKA “stimulus”) did not read them, and could not comprehend them if they did.

These bills are so “gigantic” and complex that it’s simply not possible to even consider all the consequences, even if one read every page.  Consider this one paragraph example from the Stimulus/Recovery Act about Transit Assistance.

To figure out what this means one would have to:

  • read section 5302 of title 49, US Code to learn what kinds of grants are authorized, and
  • Read section 5307 of Title 49, US Code to learn what types of grants 80% of the money is to be spent on, and
  • Read subsections i, l,  and j to see what kinds of grants are prohibited, and
  • Read section 5340 to learn how 10% of the funds are to be spent, and
  • Read section 5311 to learn how the last 10% of funds are to be spent.

To be careful and thorough a Congressman should look into the historical performance of each of these grant programs to determine if they have been efficient and cost effective in the past.  Conscientious due diligence on just this one-half of one page could take a Senator and his staff a week to complete.

Each of Biden’s “gigantic packages” includes thousands of amendments to other laws and programs.

  • Nobody in the Administration or Congress could possibly imagine all the potential consequences, intended, or unintended that could result.
  • Nobody could possibly imagine all the ways changes in different, disparate programs could combine with changes in other programs to produce unanticipated consequences in the broader economy.

The Bottom Line

The best word to characterize enacting these “gigantic packages” without any way to understand the consequences is:


3 Comments so far

  1. tracy on July 19th, 2010

    holy freakin COW!!!
    doomed we are
    read WSJ Letters to Editor today July 19

    Comparing Results: Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics

    We’re Already Repeating the Policy Mistakes of 1937

    –scary stuff

  2. Sarah Livingston on July 19th, 2010

    This is so true. We’re living with the fallout from big government polices now. Foreclosures, unemployment, bankruptcies, small businesses dying all result directly from bad government laws and regulations.

    My fear is that nothing much will change even if the Republicans take over.

  3. Joseph on July 22nd, 2010

    Curly Joe “foul mouth” Bden aka (pinky)
    “What are we gonna do now boss?”
    barrack Hussein Obamination aka (the brain)
    “Take over the world pinky”
    There’ll be a new posse in town in Nov. and come 2012 a new sheriff.