As Congress Dithers Spending Grows Relentlessly

On March 9 the Senate killed HR1, a bill passed by the House that would cut 2011 spending by $61 Billion or 3.7%.

On March 10 the Treasury Department published it’s monthly statement, including year-to-date figures as of the end of February, the fifth month of the 2011 fiscal year.

In the face of the most urgent fiscal and debt crisis in American history the government still managed to spend $58 billion or 4% more in the first five months of 2011 than the first five months of 2010.

The deficit for the month of February was $222.5 billion, equal to the annual profits of the top 14 most profitable corporations in the world.  The full year 2011 deficit will be about three times the annual profits of the top fifty corporations in the world.

Some of the increases were:

  • Farm Security Rural Investment Programs: Up 65%
  • Grants to States For Medicaid: Up 4.2%.  Weren’t we promised ObamaCare would save money?
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Up 37%
  • Federal Student Aid: Up 20.2%.  Didn’t the President promise that the government take-over would save money which would be channeled into health care?
  • Agriculture Marketing Service: Up 54%
  • Corps of Engineers: Up 18.5%
  • National Science Foundation: Up 9.7%
  • Agricultural Research Service: Up 4.4%
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA): Up 25%
  • Agriculture research and education: Up 15.7%
  • Interest on the federal debt: Up 5.5%
  • Social Security Benefits: Up 3.4%
  • Department of Defense Up 2.7%

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