Another Petty Deception From Obama

In this report last May we exposed deliberately deceptive editing of a video of John McCain’s answer to a voter’s question.  The Democratic National Comittee and The Obama campaign intended to make McCain appear to have said something he did not say.

In The Big Speech In The Stadium last week Barack Obama once again attempted to deceive voters regarding John McCain’s views.  He said:

Now, I don’t believe that Senator McCain doesn’t care what’s going on in the lives of Americans; I just think he doesn’t know.  Why else would he define middle-class as someone making under $5 million a year?

Obama hoped listener reaction would be something like: “…John McCain thinks that?  Wow, how out of touch can anyone be?”

This deception comes from an answer McCain gave to a question in The Saddleback Church Civil Forum where both candidates answered questions on a range of issues.

Here, directly from the transcript are the actual words of Pastor Rick Warren who asked the question, and John McCain who gave the answer:

Pastor Warren asked:

OK, on taxes, define “rich.” Everybody talks about taxing the rich, but not the poor, the middle class. At what point — give me a number, give me a specific number — where do you move from middle class to rich?  Is it $100,000, is it $50,000, is it $200,000? How does anybody know if we don’t know what the standards are?

John McCain answered:

Some of the richest people I’ve ever known in my life are the most unhappy. I think that rich should be defined by a home, a good job, an education and the ability to hand to our children a more prosperous and safer world than the one that we inherited.

I don’t want to take any money from the rich — I want everybody to get rich.


I don’t believe in class warfare or re-distribution of the wealth. But I can tell you, for example, there are small businessmen and women who are working 16 hours a day, seven days a week that some people would classify as — quote — “rich,” my friends, and want to raise their taxes and want to raise their payroll taxes.

Let’s keep taxes low. Let’s give every family in America a $7,000 tax credit for every child they have. Let’s give them a $5,000 refundable tax credit to go out and get the health insurance of their choice. Let’s not have the government take over the health care system in America.

So, I think if you are just talking about income, how about $5 million?


…The point is that I’m trying to make here, seriously — and I’m sure that comment will be distorted — but the point is that we want to keep people’s taxes low and increase revenues.

It’s obvious from the transcript, and it’s even more obvious on the video, that “$5 Million” was a sarcastic quip, not McCain’s definition of the middle class.

As McCain predicted, Barack Obama did distort, in what will be the most watched speech of the campaign.

If, as Democrats always claim, voters believe all Republicans are hopelessly out of touch with the middle class, why did Barack Obama believe he had to stoop to a deliberate deception?

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