America’s Comeback Team

Mitt Romney has signaled a significant change in campaign strategy.

The Republican ticket is now complete.  Mitt Romney announced his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, who told a cheering audience he was proud to be on America’s comeback team.

Mr. Ryan is the Republican Party’s most able budget and policy innovator and a passionate advocate of liberty, free enterprise and America’s founding principles.  For those of us who believe the Romney campaign has been too tentative and halting the selection of Mr. Ryan is a welcome decision.

The Obama Campaign immediately issued it’s anti-Ryan talking points, mostly the same cynical charges they’ve hurled at every Republican since the 1960s.  Ryan they say would:

  • Implement “deep giveaways” to the rich and devastating tax hikes on the rest of us;
  • Victimize seniors by slashing Medicare;
  • “Gut” entitlements as if it were possible to continue Obama’s relentless growth in the number of people who draw entitlements from the shrinking ranks of businesses and those who still have jobs;

Most preposterously and perhaps revealing desperation within the campaign, they included the assertion that Ryan would ban birth control pills!

The media herd claimed Ryan was exactly the man the Obama Campaign wanted to run against.  They pretended to be shocked that Romney would align himself with the budget proposals Ryan has produced as Chairman of the House Budget Committee.  But Obama would have savaged those budgets and then tied Romney to them no matter who the VP nominee turned out to be.  Thus, Romney’s most effective campaign tactic was to bring the best, most articulate spokesman for “the Ryan Plan” on board to speak for it himself.

Until now, Mr. Romney seems to have assumed he could run a low-risk campaign with few specific policy proposals, letting the ruinous economy defeat a hapless Obama.  But if we can believe the polls that strategy has cost Romney.  There’s no way to reconcile “moderate” Republicanism with Ryan’s budgets or outspoken communication of the principles behind the numbers.  So, with the selection of  Ryan Mr. Romney has effectively rebooted both his own and Obama’s campaign. 

The voters will have to make a real decision between directly opposite philosophical and economic ideas, and between two sharply different communication strategies.  Obama and Biden will advocate continued growth of government power and cost, using vacuous slogans like “grow the economy from the middle out.”  Romney and Ryan will present a vision of a much less intrusive government, citing hard numbers and classical economic and philosophical ideas, as Ryan did in his acceptance speech when borrowed from the Declaration of Independence the principle that “rights come from nature and The Creator, not government.”

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