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Liberty Works has received an advanced copy of the first chapter of a new patriotic book, due to be published in January. It gives us all a personal challenge to live out John McCain’s, now famous quote, “Our fundamentals are strong”.  The author, Cheri Douglas believes that our fundamentals ARE strong and says so in America’s Best Work…How We Do It and How We Don’t!

She challenges us to make sure we Do It and reject convoluted big government bureaucracies, which smother our Best Work and reward mediocrity and even failure through redistribution of success incentives and artificial protections of poor leaders and/or non-productive workers.

Instead, she challenges us to empower ourselves to do what we know intuitively, and return to the common sense of traditional American innovation, leadership productivity, teamwork and excellence.  Because of its relevance to next week’s election, Liberty Works is sharing this introduction with you today.

Chapter One

At first the ringing phone seemed a slightly nagging distant interruption in a cozy early morning sleep. As I began to become more conscious, it became downright irritating.  I finally realized I had to grab it to stop the ringing. I answered the phone and glanced up and saw 5:52 AM on the digital display on my alarm clock.

I wondered with some anxiety what could be the matter that would get someone calling before 6AM.  I’ll never forget the emotionally shaken sound in my grown son’s voice calling from Southern California as he said, “Mom, are you watching your TV?”

It seemed a strange question to awaken to so early on a chilly fall morning.  But I sensed instantly that something very serious had happened. All kinds of possible family tragedies flashed like a racing slide show through my head as I answer, “No, why?”

“A plane has flown into the World Trade Center.  Turn it on!  I think we’re being attacked by terrorists!”

“Really?  Maybe it’s just an accident?” I tried to minimize the unthinkable ugliness of what he had said.  But I knew that he stayed abreast of geo-political issues and something in his voice led me to feel that we would never be the same again. I told him I would go turn on the TV and talk to him later.  But before I could hang up, this normally stoic man hastened to say, “I love you, Mom”.  His reassurance left me uneasy that morning, as though he wondered if we would see one another again.

I hung up the phone and called to my husband, watching television in the family room, “Jeff! That was Matt.  He says a plane has flown into the…”

“Yes I know.  I’m watching it right now. Come and see it.  There is a huge fire burning out of the top of the building”, he answered.

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