After the Texas Church Shooting Liberals Aim At The Good Guy

  • Government failure enabled mass murder in a Texas church.

  • A heroic private citizen ended the slaughter.

  • Liberals would criminalize the hero.

The background to this tragedy begins in 2012.  The Church Murderer, CM (we’re omitting his name and using the initials CM out of disrespect) pled guilty in a General Court Martial – a military criminal trial – to two counts of domestic assault on his wife and her infant child.


CM was sentenced to a year in a military prison after which he was booted out of the Air Force with a bad conduct discharge.

Under federal law anyone convicted of domestic violence loses the right to purchase a gun.  The enforcement mechanism is the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, a database of people with criminal or psychiatric histories that disqualify them from purchasing firearms. 

Every gun store has online access to NICS and is required to clear each customer through the system before selling him/her a gun.  Yet from 2014 to 2017 CM purchased four weapons from licensed gun stores.  An FBI spokesman confirmed that the stores did exactly as required. Yet astoundingly, in each case CM was cleared through the NICS system to buy guns. 

How could this happen?  Well, it turns out the government’s vast bureaucracy failed to spend minutes to inputting CM’s name and criminal record into the NICS database.  So far, no explanation has been offered for this catastrophic negligence.

On Sunday, November 5 CM showed up with one of his weapons, an AR-15 rifle, at the First Baptist Church of Southerland Springs Texas, during the Sunday service.  He left his SUV parked in the street with the driver’s door open and the engine running.  He fired through the windows and then went inside. He killed 26, including several children, and seriously wounded 20 more as he walked up and down the center aisle of the small sanctuary.

Stephen Willeford a lifetime NRA member and former NRA firearms instructor, heard the gunfire from his home across the street from the church. He knew that each shot, in his words, “represented a life, that it was aimed at someone.”

Even though he was “scared to death” Mr. Willeford loaded “a hand full” of bullets into a magazine for his own AR-15 rifle and, without even pausing to put on shoes, ran to the church where he encountered CM.  There, the two exchanged gunfire.  Willeford, saw that CM’s bullet proof vest consisted of front and back Kevlar plates.  He aimed at the side of CM’s torso, between the Kevlar plates and wounded him.  He also wounded CM’s leg.

CM then got in his SUV, fired more shots at Willeford and sped away.  Willeford noticed Mr. Johnnie Langendorff nearby, watching the gun fight from his truck.  Quoting from Willeford’s video interview at the bottom of this article…

I ran up and I tapped on the [truck] window and said, ‘That guy just shot up the Baptist Church and we’ve gotta stop him.’ He unlocked his door and we gave pursuit.

Eventually CM swerved off the highway into a ditch.  There, he killed himself with a gunshot to the head.  In his SUV were more guns and additional ammunition that he had not carried into the church.

Thus, Mr. Willeford, armed with his own AR-15, is credited with putting an end to the carnage at the church and preventing additional deaths that likely would have resulted if CM, also armed with an AR-15, had been free to shoot more innocents at other locations, or police officers. The first police car arrived at the church only four minutes after receiving a 911 call but too late to save lives or intercept the killer before his planed escape.

So, given these facts…

  1. Government failed to maintain its own do-not-sell database;
  2. Police could not get to the scene soon enough to save lives in the church or stop the killer;
  3. Mr Willeford, a private citizen with an AR-15 rifle, disabled the shooter and ended the rampage before there were additional victims;

…how do Democrats and media liberals react this unspeakable massacre?

First, they want the government to take Mr. Willeford’s gun away from him!

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson summarized establishment thinking:

The guns most often used in these mass shootings are variations on rifles designed for soldiers to carry into combat. They are not optimized for killing rabbits or deer, but for killing people.  They have no business in civilian hands.

Former Vice President Joe Biden echoed this bias on the Today Show. An audience member asked if he could justify Democrats’ gun control dogma after Mr. Willeford, while carrying his own AR-15 rifle, prevented additional deaths. Biden’s answer began with…

Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried, he shouldn’t be carrying.

The AR-15 and several variations made by many manufacturers are civilian versions of the Military’s M-16, the Army’s principle weapon when I served back in the 1970s.  The M16 can be switched to fully automatic, making it illegal for civilian ownership.

AR15 style weapons are the nation’s best selling rifles.  Millions of Americans own them.  Liberals, who usually know almost nothing about firearms are troubled by AR-15’s military-looking cosmetic features such as pistol grips and stocks made of black plastic instead of more traditional wood.  But AR-15s are not more lethal than traditional looking rifles of the same or caliber that liberals say are acceptable for us Americans to own.  They look different and the plastic is more durable and lighter weight than wood.

Liberals want new laws to ban AR15s and require all current owners to turn their guns in to the government.  Obviously, good citizens like Mr. Willeford, who obey laws and don’t want to risk prosecution, would comply.

But the leftist belief that CM, or anyone else who is willing to risk prosecution for murder would obediently submit to a gun confiscation statute is preposterous!  Obviously, the practical result of a ban on AR15s would be to disarm courageous citizens like Mr Willeford while thugs and murderers kept their weapons. 

In Chicago there is already a de facto gun ban and thus, only criminals who are willing to risk prosecution for gun possession are armed. Those killers have made Chicago the murder capital of America.

More from Eugene Robinson’s Washington Post screed:

It goes without saying that there should be universal background checks for purchasing firearms. But there should also be enforcement mechanisms, with teeth, to make sure that dealers do not sell weapons to individuals banned from obtaining them.

There are enforcement mechanisms with teeth!  It’s a felony for a gun store to sell without first running the customer through the FBI system. Its a felony for the gun store to disregard a do-not-sell order coming back from the FBI.

Apparently there are no enforcement mechanisms with teeth that would punish bureaucrats who, by failing to do their easy job, were complicit in this slaughter of vulnerable men, women and children in church on Sunday morning.  So far no one has been held to account.  No arrest has been made.  No charges are pending.

As is the case with nearly every violent crime, the police could not arrive soon enough to make a difference.  The only person available to enforce the law was a civilian with a gun.  He took immediate action and ended the bloodbath before it got any worse.

And by the way, as always, the political-media establishment places more blame on the NRA than on the murderer!

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