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boomerjeff.jpgBoomerJeff” is the nom de plume of the proprietor and principle commentator for Liberty Works.

Jeff has been a political activist and campaign worker for four decades, starting as a teenager with the Goldwater for President campaign in 1964. Jeff also worked on Ronald Reagan’s California Governor campaigns in 1966 and 1970, and the first Reagan Presidential campaign in 1980.

For the past 24 years Jeff has been a management consultant in California, serving corporate and government clients.

Mrs. Boomerjeff is also a Management Consultant, an inspiring keynote speaker, strategic planning expert, and author of two world class leadership development programs.  She serves Liberty Works as content adviser, coach and spiritual guide.


“Drew” is the moniker of a contributor and kindred spirit of the proprietor and principle commentator for Liberty Works.  drew is a life-long political observer, and more recently an activist championing the ideals and opinions most closely associated with libertarian thought, and the ideals that spawned Liberty Works.

From a professional perspective, Drew was originally trained in the field of engineering, holding both Bachelors and Masters degrees, and started his career in the dark, ugly steel mills of Northwest Indiana.  Although a formative and valuable experience, “Drew concluded that a better and brighter future would require leaving the relative comfort of his prior training and experience and turning in a different direction.

With the help of one of those life-changing experiences, a stop at the ‘best business school in America,’ where he earned his Masters in Business Administration, he has moved on to the world finance.  For the last 17 years Drew has been involved in the financing, acquisition and management of small and medium sized manufacturing businesses.  He is currently a Partner in a middle market private equity fund dedicated to investing in, nurturing and advancing the great American ideals of entrepreneurship.

He currently resides in Chicago with his wife and daughter, and when not attending his daughter’s dance and acting recitals, finds time to alternately laugh and cry at his beloved Chicago Bears.

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