A Stimulus Plan to Create Jobs…Really!

The Advertised purpose of the $819 Billion Obama Stimulus Package is to “jolt” the economy in order to “save or create jobs.”liberty-works-stimulus-plan

But only a tiny fraction of the $819 Billion (and growing) price tag will go to employers.   Most of the spending in the Obama Stimulus plan is for a bundle of liberal social engineering schemes that will create few jobs outside the government bureaucracy.

If President Obama and the Democrats really want to cause more people to be hired then why not grant tax relief to employers, especially the small businesses that create almost all the new jobs?

Liberty Works humbly offers this alternative stimulus plan.  All the figures in the table are based on data provided by the Treasury Department and the IRS Statistics of Income Division.

While most of the spending in the Obama plan is not authorized by the US Constitution, tax relief is always Constitutional.

These tax credits could be distributed by the IRS within ninety days and would indeed provide the “jolt” the President says he’s trying to achieve.


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  1. Gus on January 30th, 2009

    This isn’t going to happen because it’s a giveaway to the rich who don’t need it.