2012 Election Too Critical to Squander On Birther Bunk

Governor and candidate for the Republican nomination for President Rick Perry has twice made news in recent days with flippant remarks referring to speculation that President Obama was not born in the US and is therefore ineligible under the Constitution to be President.

Any candidate who claims identification with Conservatives or the tea party movement should refuse to be drawn into this birth controversy for three reasons:

  1. The possibility that Obama was not born in Hawaii as he claims is simply too remote to take seriously.  He finally put a copy of his birth certificate on the internet for all to see, but predictably, the birthers claim it isn’t authentic.  At Liberty Works we’ve studied the matter and believe he was indeed born in Hawaii.  But even if, hypothetically, he wasn’t there is no agency or voice of authority with the credibility and universal respect to make a final determination that everyone would accept.  Thus there is simply no point in pursuing it even if one believes (and we do not) that he was foreign born.  Obama has more to gain than to lose if voters are distracted by an allegation that seems preposterous, can not be verified, is easily and credibly denied and thus looks desperate.
  2. He is eligible to be President even if he was not born in Hawaii.  The Constitution recognizes only two sources of citizenship:
    • Birth: One who is automatically a citizen at birth.
    • Naturalization: A person who is not an American citizen by birth can apply for citizenship and, after completing a process called “naturalization” become a citizen. A Naturalized citizen can not be President.
    Nowhere in the Constitution is there a distinction between a “natural born” citizen by birth and some other, lower class of citizen by birth.  One is either a natural born citizen at birth or not a citizen at birth.  There is no “in between.”
    The Constitution empowers Congress to enact laws setting forth the circumstances of citizenship by birth.  Under the last Congressional action in this regard, The Immigration and nationality Act of 1952 are seven categories of citizen by birth or “natural born” citizen. One of those categories is a person born outside the United States to one parent who is not a citizen and one parent who is a citizen and has lived in the US more than ten years, which would apply to Barack Obama if he were born in Kenya, which again, we do not believe is true.
  3. It constrains the Conservative/tea party/smaller government movement if our candidates appear to be asking for votes based in part on the assertion that the incumbent was not born here.  Barack Obama should be defeated in 2012 because he represents a set of ideas and policies that are Unconstitutional, authoritarian, and require us to relinquish our liberty and our prosperity while failing to deliver the promised benefits.  The Congress has already passed legislation compelling us to live under some of those bad ideas.  Obama must be replaced so that legislation can be repealed, and we can become more free and more prosperous, not because some question his birth place.

Here in California we’re suffering from a lost opportunity to elect a governor who, like the governors of Ohio and Wisconsin, would have diminished the power of the entrenched political establishment that is systematically destroying our state’s economy.  Unfortunately, a majority of swing voters were persuaded that we should continue the ruinous business as usual in the state legislature by voting against Meg Whitman for Governor.   Why?  Because she had employed a maid who was an illegal alien  – in a state where almost everyone has been served by illegal landscapers, car washers, restaurant personnel, laborers and domestic help.

Next year will probably turn out to be America’s most consequential election since the Civil War.  If Obama and the Democrats prevail life in America will irrevocably change for the worse.  Eventually, everyone will have to rely on the grace of government bureaucrats for medical services.  Government will continue it’s drive to supplant the private sector in economic decision-making, reprising the failed results of all of history’s previous experiments in authoritarian economics.  And the ruinous deficit spending will roar ahead until the world finally refuses to loan the US government any more.

This election is too critical for the small government, pro-Constitution candidate to lose because swing voters perceive him – or us – to be trying to steal votes by questioning the authenticity of a fifty year old birth certificate on file in Hawaii.

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