We Need Reagan’s 1980 Speech Again Today

Scroll down for video of Ronald Reagan’s Acceptance Speech at the 1980 Republican Convention.  It’s 46 minutes, an eternity in this age of hair trigger mouse clickers.  But much of it could be repeated almost verbatim by whoever is nominated to challenge Barack Obama in 2012. Here are some examples: I will not stand by […]

On Reagan’s 100th Birthday Remember Prosperity

The Labor Department published its December jobs report Friday. Presidents Reagan and Obama both inherited severe recessions.  But they chose opposite strategies in response.  The chart compares employment losses and gains during and after those two worst recessions since the Great Depression. Facts from the January jobs report: Employers created 36,000 new jobs in January, […]

The Dawn of A Constitutional Transformation

Millions of citizens in the tea party movement have begun to demand that Congress obey the Constitution.  This week a federal court gave them much needed validation. Back in October, 2009 in the midst of frenzied, back-room deal-making to cobble together bare majorities in the House and Senate to enact ObamaCare House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

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