Don’t Believe Government Economists

Decades of sad experience proves that economic predictions from government officials and Economists almost never turn out to be accurate. Yet the political-media establishment continues to be driven by politically motivated, economic predictions.  Specious predictions are presented to the public as if they were knowable, proven facts.  The campaign for ObamaCare was a tsunami of […]

Has Liberty or Political Power Created More Jobs?

The political-media establishment bubbled with optimism last Friday.  The monthly report from the Labor Department said employers reported 162 thousand new jobs in March.  White House Economist Christina Romer called the monthly jobs report “continued signs of gradual labor market healing.” President Obama said the economy had turned the corner and the worst was behind […]

Arrogant, Audacious and Authoritarian Government

Politicians try to intimidate real world companies that can’t support the ObamaCare fantasy. The campaign for Congressional enactment of ObamaCare was a classic exercise in deception and manipulation of public perception. President Obama learned from polling and focus group data that most of us were concerned about his enormous deficits. So, his public communication, always […]

This April Fool Represents Us In Congress!

As painful as this is to watch, stay with it until at least 1:30.  You just won’t believe it.

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