Nelson Caved to Bribery, Became Harry’s Vote #60

Until Friday night Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska claimed to be withholding his Yes vote on the Senate Health Care bill until it included language that would prohibit federal funding of abortion. In the end the abortion language turned out to be several pages of tortured, incomprehensible language that does allow public funding of […]

Plain Language and Abortion

Senator Reid’s 383 page health care amendment includes this advisory to Insurance Companies: USE OF PLAIN LANGUAGE.—The information required to be submitted under subparagraph (A) shall be provided in plain language. The term ‘plain language’ means language that the intended audience, including individuals with limited English proficiency, can readily understand and use because that lan […]

This is the first time, in three years of posting commentary and analysis that Liberty Works has recommended donating money to a politician or a political cause.  This one is worth the precedent.

Hysterical Urgency Signals Incompetence

To increase the pressure on recalcitrant  Senators President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid fabricated yet another, must-meet deadline. When Democrats were still a vote or two short of the sixty they need to pass a health care bill in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader and chief sponsor of ObamaCare Harry Reid demanded a vote […]

A Gift to Soldiers from Author Stepehen King

Click to see the one minute video

Will Private Health Insurance Survive ObamaCare?

The health care bills now pending in congress require insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.   In the industry this is called “guaranteed issue.” To a large extent guaranteed issue is already in effect.  A 1996 federal law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), requires guaranteed issue for employee groups.  Several states […]

Baucus Cynically Shrugs Off a Senator’s Duty

For those unfamiliar with the arcane customs of the Senate, any Senator can ask that the Senate take some action, such as amending a bill by “unanimous consent.”  The presiding Chairman asks if there are any objections. If no Senator voices objection, the amendment passes.  If one or more Senators object, indicating consent is not […]

Obama’s Weatherization Scheme and Broken Windows

On Tuesday President Obama delivered a pep talk to promote his program of installing home insulation, caulking and other retrofits called “weatherization.”  For a venue he chose a local Home Depot knowing he would get the most positive reception from the one company likely to benefit most from a national weatherization campaign. Obama called government […]

Economy Flashing Danger Signals

Urgent Expansion of Government Power Crushes Economic Activity Federal Tax revenues for the first two months of Fiscal 2010 are running 13% below last year. Most government revenue comes from taxing personal incomes and business profits. Declining tax revenues are a warning that businesses are less profitable and therefore less able or willing to hire […]

An Alternative Stealth Single Payer Scheme

Our previous analysis of the chaotic Senate health care process noted the obvious: It’s simply impossible to believe that Congress has the wisdom to create, in 2,000 pages, the best possible system of health insurance and medical services delivery. Even if one is blinded by faith and believes an elite dozen can huddle in a […]

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