Politics Vs Afghanistan Surge

Commander In Chief Decision Watch: Day 76 . Why, has President Obama still not decided what to do about Afghanistan? The President appointed General Stanley McChrystal to be commander of the Afghanistan Theater.  On August 30 Gen. McChrystal completed an assessment that Obama ordered, and submitted his 66 page report.  The exhaustive, brutally realistic review […]

Commander In Chief Decision Watch: Day 74

Echoes of Vietnam The media report that President Obama is considering a “compromise” that would send fewer troops to Afghanistan than General McChrystal requested to accomplish this mission, that Obama declared in March: So I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al […]

Commander In Chief Decision Watch: Day 72

Seventy Two days ago President Obama received the assessment, strategic plan and resource request he had ordered from General McChrystal, the man he appointed to command the Afghanistan operation. As the troops continue to struggle in Afghanistan, the President continues to dither and avoid making a decision. On Monday CBS reported that the President was […]

Fort Hood Prayer Service

PelosiCare: You May Not Keep Current Insurance

In scores of speeches and TV appearances President Obama promised Americans they could keep their current health insurance. But on page 91 of PelosiCare that passed the House on Saturday, the heading “Protecting the Choice to Keep Current Coverage,” deliberately lies about the language under it!  That language ensures that all current coverage will cease […]

In PelosiCare Fine Print: A Slush Fund for ACORN

Buried in the 2,000 page PelosiCare package passed by the House of Representatives Saturday is a slush fund made to order for ACORN and similar organizations.  Section 2530, Grants to Promote Positive Health Behaviors and Outcomes, begins on page 1,422 of the 1,990 page legislation. Your tax money will fund grants to “eligible entities,” that […]

The Catastrophe Obama Predicted Is Upon Us

In January President Obama’s economic team published a report, including this chart, predicting the number of jobs that would be created “or saved” by borrowing and spending $787 Billion on so-called “stimulus,” also called the Recovery Act. Blinded by their own hubris, Obama and the report’s authors promised exactly 3,675,000 jobs would be created by […]

Colleague Reports Shooter Was an Angry Muslim

ObamaCare: Built On Deception, Spin & Fantasy

If the new Democrat Representative from New York’s 23 district is honest, and keeps his campaign pledges, he will vote NO on ObamaCare Nancy Pelosi brought incredulous laughter upon herself yesterday by boasting that Tuesday’s elections were a victory for the Democrats.  She based her claim on the outcome of the special election in the […]

Luster Fading From the Obama Brand

The White House announced it will have no announcements regarding the elections until sometime later, if ever.  Democrats have lost both Governor races, New Jersey and Virginia, to Republican challengers.  Barack Obama campaigned in both states, but a lot more in New Jersey.  These losses, especially New Jersey are strong indications that the Obama star […]

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