Luster Fading From the Obama Brand

The White House announced it will have no announcements regarding the elections until sometime later, if ever.  Democrats have lost both Governor races, New Jersey and Virginia, to Republican challengers.  Barack Obama campaigned in both states, but a lot more in New Jersey.  These losses, especially New Jersey are strong indications that the Obama star […]

Today’s High Stakes Election in New York

Today’s election in the rural 23d Congressional District at the far northern edge of New York State could send a cold wind through the halls of Congress, as Speaker Pelosi attempts to ramp up  a floor vote to pass her 2,000 page bill empowering government to take over American Health Care. If you’re unfamiliar with […]

PelosiCare 2.0: A Bureaucratic Tsunami

The House Republican Conference has compiled a list of all the new boards, bureaucracies, commissions, and programs created in H.R. 3962, Speaker Pelosi’s government takeover of health care. Are all these necessary to keep the President’s promise that most of us can keep the same insurance we have now? 1.     Retiree Reserve Trust Fund (Section […]