Van Jones: A Study In Executive Incompetence

9/6 Update: At Midnight on Saturday the White House issued Van Jones’ letter of resignation.  Jones accused his critics of being  “opponents of reform,”  and of “using lies and distortions to distract and divide.” Let is not forget that what he called “lies and distortions” were several videos of  Jones making offensive and outrageous remarks […]

Stimulus Month 7 Update: 3.1 million lost jobs

Recently, President Obama, his various spokesmen and his media supporters donned their Econ professor hats to tutor us from history that re-employment has always been a “lagging indicator” as recessions end and recoveries begin.   True enough. But that’s not what they said in January and February.  Back then, when they were furiously selling the stimulus, […]

American Heroes Drive Out The Taliban

Click to see the one minute video from Afghanistan