ObamaNomics: Out of Touch With Reality

Today, the Administration released it’s Mid Session Budget Review, a 75 page document required by law, to update Congress on recent events that could affect the 2010 budget. On the summary page appears this laughable, yet tragically out of touch fantasy: Despite the demands put on the treasury to respond aggressively to avoid economic collapse, […]

Can We Endure Even More ObamaCare Hype?

Yesterday, The White House announced that President Obama will “retool” his health care message starting with an address to a joint session of Congress next week. In this context, a Presidential speech to a joint session of Congress is a brazenly pretentious stunt.   Except for annual State of The Union messages, the last time […]

Country Star Vince Gill Serves Wounded Heroes

In this video Mr. Gill speaks from deep in his heart.  He was inspired to help wounded heroes because: these men and women are asked to serve our country and do it so beautifully…As a result of what these men and women have done on my behalf… I think I owe it to them. Click […]