ObamaNomics: Less Is More, Some Was None

The last economic downturn began in late 2000, with job losses starting in February, 2001 and accelerating after the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01. The only “stimulus” was sweeping tax rate reductions, a strategy that had proved successful when implemented by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. Fifty two months of continuous Job growth began in September of […]

Six Months of Obama Stimulus: 2.8 Million Lost Jobs

. For weeks Obama Administration officials have warned that unemployment would rise from present levels.  A lot.  Yesterday Press Secretary Robert Gibbs looked grim as he told reporters he expected today’s employment report from the Labor Dept. to show “several hundred thousand jobs lost” and a higher unemployment rate for July – higher than June’s […]

Voters Off Script At Establishment Town Hall (3)

At the very beginning of the video it appears that two large men are “roughing up” people who are waiting to get into the room where the town hall was taking place so they can protest ObamaCare.  One man seems to have had his shirt torn.  (upper left corner of the screen)