Live, It’s Obama Night!

Wednesday night President Obama managed to coerce the TV networks into giving up another block of free time for him to hype his health care ideas.  This will be his fifth prime time news conference the media have generously granted him in six months.  Here are some excerpts from his opening remarks, followed by our […]

Health Care Insanity: More Of The Same Failures

Before we allow President Obama and Congress to slam the health care industry and The People with yet another Tsunami of  subsidies, taxes, regulations, restrictions, price controls, and mandates we should review the performance of past government health care schemes. As America watches, the House and Senate continue to engage in urgent, feaverish, political negotiation […]

Health Care Howler of the Day

Under ObamaCare… . There will be a cap on your costs but no cap on your benefits. …Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Obama Care Vs The Constitution (2)

The larger lesson in the Health Care Debate is that The Constitution no longer protects us from oppressive government intervention in our lives because the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court simply disregard the Constitution.  Today, the only effective barriers that may block the ObamaCare juggernaut are lobbyists, representing those reviled “special interests.” Politicians […]

Health Care Pain Caused By Government, Not Liberty

Does this quote look familiar? The achievement of equal access to quality health care at a reasonable cost is a priority of the Federal government…Increases in the cost of health care, particularly of hospital stays, have been uncontrollable and inflationary, and there are presently inadequate incentives for the use of appropriate alternative levels of health […]

The Tax Con Continues

President Obama’s budget chief, Peter Orszag is one of several Administration officials cruising the media to hype ObamaCare.  He appeared on Fox News Sunday where interviewer Chris Wallace asked about the Democrats’ proposed five percent surtax on incomes above $1 Million. WALLACE: Let’s talk about taxes. The House would…help pay for its health care program […]

ObamaCare Vs. the Constitution (1)

A front page article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal reminds us, perhaps unintentionally, that The President and Congress, with the exception of fewer than a dozen members, have decided the Constitution is obsolete, and irrelevant.  The article, titled “Moderate Senators Hold Key to High-Stakes Legislation,” says: …the balance of power in determining the course of […]

ObamaCare FAQ (2)

Congressman John Yarmuth (D – KN) appeared on Fox News to answer questions about Obama-Care, now being drafted by Democrats in Congress.  How will it be paid for? We can change practice patterns, we’ve set up the mechanism in the bill to do that to hold down costs and change the trajectory of costs in […]

ObamaCare Will Drive Unemployment Higher

Small businesses that create most of the new jobs in America would be hammered by the House version of ObamaCare, which includes a new 5% surtax on taxpayers with more than $1,000,000 of income. When combined with state income taxes and the federal Medicare tax, this would drive the top tax burden, for the most […]

ObamaCare FAQ (1)

Congressman John Yarmuth (D – KN) appeared on Fox News to answer questions about Obama-Care, now being drafted by Democrats in Congress.  How will it be paid for? By demonstrating a significant number of cuts in Medicare spending, we believe there is waste and fraud there we can cut. If the Democrats really believe there […]

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