ObamaCare Incompetence

President Obama and ObamaCare fans in Congress have been blanketing the media with claims that they can raise money to pay for a vast new federal health care program by eliminating waste and fraud in Medicare. Congressman John Yarmuth (D – KN) appeared on Fox News to answer questions about how Obama-Care would be funded: […]

Kellie Pickler Honors America’s Heroes

See this four minute Interview of  an American Idol who loves the troops and sports tattoos commemorating her USO tours.

Your Endangered Health Insurance Policy

President Obama has promised so many times most of us have it memorized, that under ObamaCare If you like your present health insurance you can keep it. This promise is deceptive.  No federal bureaucrat will knock on your door and tell you that you must change to a different insurance policy. But that doesn’t mean […]