A Picture of ObamaCare

Congressman Kevin Brady, (R-Texas), the lead House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, today unveiled the chart below, depicting how the health care system would be organized at the national level if the Democrats’ latest plan became law. An excerpt from Brady’s remarks today: Why should any patient be forced to give control of their […]

The Pitchman Selling ObamaCare

Today, surrounded by union nurses, President Obama held a pep rally for his health care initiative. As he has done over and over, he demanded immediate, emergency  action on thousands of partially written pages of health care legislation before Senators or Congressmen or the public can read them, and long before anyone has time to […]

Obama: Stimulus Hoax “Worked as Intended” (2)

The first Stimulus Hoax article (scroll down or click here) we compared the wild promises President Obama made in January to sell his “stimulus,” with his much more sober and pessimistic comments after almost five months of continuing, catastrophic job losses.  We included charts showing rapidly declining employment in the private sector, especially in heavy […]