Judge Sotomayor’s Explosive Theories

Senate Judiciary Committee hearings began today for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor.  While Democrats tried to present her as an impartial judge, Republicans tried to remind us that she would bring some incendiary baggage to Court. Her annoying quotes include this overtly racist utterance: I would hope that a wise Latina woman […]

US Helicopter Engages Terrorists in Afghanistan

Earlier today a Coalition Helicopter engaged terrorists who attempted to emplace an Improvised Explosive Device.  Click to see the one minute video.

Obama: The Stimulus Hoax “Has Worked as Intended”

On Saturday (July 11) President Obama went on defense against criticism of his radical economic agenda, especially the so-called “stimulus” or Recovery Act.  By asserting that “this Recovery Act has worked as intended,” he tried to push back the emerging consensus that The People have been  conned. The costs of ObamaNomics, unprecedented increases in government […]