Stimulus Update: Week 15

Several readers have asked Why we report on the Obama Stimulus so often. President Obama seeks to radically change America.  To sell these ideas he and the media claim government experts can achieve near-miraculous results by borrowing and spending trillions on government intervention in the private economy.  Since the Stimulus was the Administration’s first adventure […]

Speech to The Muslim World: What about Iraq?

In our previous post we commented on President Obama’s out-of-touch-with-reality call for “partnership” between Americans and the tyrannical leaders of hostile Muslim nations, or the people who live under their tyranny and are thus not permitted to partner with Americans. The emerging exception to tyranny in Muslim nations is, of course, Iraq.  Thanks to America […]

Barack Obama Vs Reality

President Obama gave a long, rambling “speech to the Muslim World” this morning.  Unfortunately, we’re unlikely look back on this speech as the moment when Peace and love replaced terrorism and hostility.  We are going to focus on on segment that illustrates the weaknesses in Obama’s  Leftist thinking. After the usual tedious call to “recognize […]