Why Tea Parties? To Stop the Madness!

The Obama gang has been carpet-bombing the media with derisive commentary regarding the hundreds of Tax Day Tea Parties held on April 15 in every state. The official Obama doctrine is that these protests  don’t count because they are “orchestrated” stunts contrived by the Republican Party. Don’t believe it.  The Republicans are nearly as guilty […]

Tax Day Tea Party: Revolution is Brewing

Citizens across the country are finally beginning to protest the bloated pork projects and massive, Unconstitutional borrowing and spending programs hyped by the President, the Congress and the media as “economic stimulus.” Eight weeks ago, Congress  abdicated it’s Constitutionally mandated responsibility by passing in a few hours the giant “Stimulus Bill” before it was printed, […]

Obama Almost Conceedes Success in Iraq

The President made a surprise visit to Iraq today and made some brief remarks to a large gathering of troops at Camp Victory, near Baghdad. Click to watch the 8 minute video: President Obama Visits Iraq The President was well received by the troops and enthusiastically embraced his role as Commander in Chief.  He came […]

ObamaNomics: Promise Jobs but Grab Power

President Obama’s first Borrow-and-Spend initiative, was the Trillion Dollar… “BIG Stimulus to Save Jobs” (BS2SJ). Obama Promises jobs but delivers only massive debt and loss of liberty. Congress passed the BS2SJ on February 13, Obama’s 24th day in office. Obama and the media hyped the BS2SJ, the largest spending bill in history, as an urgent […]

Obama Star-Rocket Running Out of Gas

After less than three months in office, blind, faithful Obama-adoraton is just beginning to dissipate. Yesterday, a special election was held in Upstate New York to fill a vacancy in the House of Representatives left by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand when she was appointed by the Governor to replace Senator Hillary Clinton, who left the Senate […]

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