The Big Stimulus: Straining Toward A Trillion

President Obama addressed the economic crisis this morning: The economic crisis we face is unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. It’s a crisis of falling confidence and rising debt. If it’s a crisis of “rising debt” then how will you solve it by adding an additional Trillion Dollars in debt? Obama Continued… A failure […]

ObamaNomics Losing Public Support

We rarely cite polls here at Liberty Works.  But we thought this polling data about the so-called “stimulus” was worth noting, since it hasn’t been widely reported by the establishment media Gallop Poll Dated February 1: Do you think Congress should pass Obama’s economic stimulus plan basically as Barack Obama has proposed it, pass it […]

Obama’s Soaring Deficit

Obama’s campaign website hasn’t yet been purged of contradictory campaign rhetoric.  It includes this page called “Fact Check” that purports to be several rebuttals to a GOP campaign ad warning that Obama would bring about nearly One Trillion in new spending.   It starts on defense quoting CNN: CNN Fact Check: The [GOP Ad’s] Claim That […]

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