Broken Politics + Pseudo-nomics = Disaster

This was to be the week the new Congress began work on the crucial, urgent, Trillion Dollar Stimulus Plan, mislabeled down to $850 Billion, for advertising purposes.  It was to be completed in just over two weeks, in time for President Obama to sign it into law on Inauguration Day, January 20. The two points […]

An Atheist Praises God

While I’m a committed Christian and active member of an Evangelical Mega-Church, Liberty Works is not intended to be a religious web site.  However, when matters of faith or religious doctrine intersect the issues of the day we won’t follow the media herd and either ignore or blindly deny Christian influence. Americans who do not […]

The Messiah in Hawaii

The delirious media are gushing over a photo of a shirtless Barack Obama, The One, in Hawaii.  According to the reporters he’s already equal to Lincoln in Presidential greatness, AND now he’s the leading male cover model.  He’s everything!  He’s wonderful! This scripture, Isaiah 9:6, is meant to be extravagant praise of Jesus, the Messiah, […]

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