Will More Government Fix the Crisis Caused by Government?

The triumphant new chant from the political-media establishment, heard several times a day: “This is the greatest economic crisis since the great depression.” The government response so far, follows the Depression precedent: Hurl blame at designated private sector bad guys, especially “greed on Wall Street,” and, Assume new powers not authorized by the Constitution. As […]

Surprise: Obama’s Staff Finds Obama Innocent

In an effort to minimize the perception that President-elect Obama has any connection with Illinois Governor Blagojevich’s attempt to sell Obama’s recently vacated Senate Seat, the Obama Transition Team issued a press release that looks like the opening tactic in a political disinformation campaign, or coverup: “At the direction of the President-elect, a review of […]

UAW Holds Out for Utopia and Kills a Fair Deal

Another Unconstitutional Bailout may have been sunk by the intended beneficiary’s greed. On Wednesday the House of Representatives passed a bill to bail out GM and Chrysler with some $14 Billion.  Thursday night, after feverish negotiations, the Senate rejected a bailout because the UAW refused to agree to the terms Senators proposed. Friday morning United […]

Media Ignored or Praised Chicago Politics

News that until this week Obama’s Senate seat was up for auction to the highest bidder has focused the nation on the perennially corrupt Chicago political machine. But before the election the national media dutifully denied  voters any review of the rich history of dirty politics in Obama’s home town and political indoctrination center. The […]

The Chicago Way: Cash is King

offered senate seat to highest bidder auction senate seat for sale governor tried to sell Obama’s senate seat on ebay auction

Auto Bailout Facts Vs Elite Media-Political Opinion (2)

This is the second post examining the political-media establishment claim that the Detroit auto companies are in financial trouble because they don’t manufacture more of the tiny vehicles politicians and the green lobby favor.  The first is here On Main Street success is measured in satisfied customers and profits. In the Washington establishment success is […]

Auto Bailout: Facts Vs Elite Media-Political Opinion (1)

It now appears likely that the auto makers will receive about $18 Billion from Washington this week. The so-called “debate” over this issue has been a classic example of how ignorant and out of touch with reality the Washington media-political machine has become.  The continuous flow of ignorant opinion and misinformation showcases the utter laziness […]

Dirty Green Politics and the Auto Bailout

This week, Executives from GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the UAW made a return trip to Washington to grovel before the politicians who, if their egos are sufficiently massaged, have the power to hand them vast amounts of taxpayer money. The executives submitted to scores of stupid questions, and endured many hours of ignorant opinions from […]

Obama Economic Team: “Wisdom & Ingenuity” or Hubris?

Every week brings another, massive, new bailout. Various financial publications have come up with estimates ranging from $3 Trillion to $7 Trillion for the total amount of cash and backstop guarantees the government has hurled at problem financial institutions in just three months. One might expect the new administration to distance itself from this reckless […]

Obama’s Iraq Reversal: Three More Years of Bush Policies

Today, Barack Obama announced several cabinet appointments.  The media, ever enthralled by the drama that engulfs the Clintons, have focused on the choice of Hillary Clinton to serve as Secretary of State.  But another selection will surely be more news worthy in the coming months. Barack Obama owes a lot to the voters of the […]

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