Veterans Day: A Holiday to Celebrate Honor (2)

We Take Our Right to Express Opinions For Granted.  Thank a Veteran for His or Her Service .

Inevitable Collapse of the Cult of Obama

Barack Obama, even as he refused to disclose specifics, is expected to make good on more promises than any previous President. Various surveys of Obama’s fans demonstrate that many of the most enthusiastic supporters were satisfied with jive slogans like “we are the people we’ve been waiting for,” and the vague commitment to “hope and […]

Liberty Will Prevail

This Post is about the Future of Liberty Works. But first, I’d like to provide a bit of perspective, especially to readers who may be discouraged by the outcome of the election. For those of us who believe in America’s founding principles this has been a dispiriting episode.  But, in my 44 years as a […]

The First “Generated Crisis” of The Obama Era

It appears that the Russians have decided to jump the gun on Joe Biden’s promise of a generated international crisis to test this new President who has no experience that would qualify him for the challenges of the office he just won. The London Telegraph reports: In what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to […]

ObamaNomics Vs Prosperity

Click the button for more ObamaNomics The income tax code requires profits from most small businesses to be reported as income on the personal tax returns of the business owners. “Small” is a misleading term in this context, because this one category of taxpayer ranges from part time endeavors with no employees, earning a few […]

Obamanomics Vs Reality & Lessons of History

Barack obama hopes that by boasting that he will raise taxes on high income individuals and small businesses he will win votes from the ignorant as he obstinately ignores economic truth, demonstrated three times since the sixties: lower income tax rates can and do generate more prosperity and consequently more income tax revenue to the […]

Supreme Court: Which Obama Do You Believe?

The Next President is virtually certain to be called upon to appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices.  Barack Obama has dramatically contradicted himself on the type of Justices he would appoint. The Doctrinaire Senator Obama has often criticized Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Scalia, Roberts and Alito as “the wrong kind of judges for the […]

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