Obama’s Credibility Gap Widened by Dimwitted Senators

Barack Obama’s gang of supporters in Congress has been trying to come up with some pretext to Wall Street  troubles to John McCain.  Today, with tortured logic, they contrived a connection with legislation passed in 1999.  Unfortunately for Obama their bumbling attack turned into a friendly fire fiasco. Former Senator  Phil Gramm, a genuine expert […]

Wall Street Turmoil: McCain, Obama Offer Empty Slogans

Recent events, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch being swallowed up by Bank of America just ahead of its own melt down, have inspired the Presidential campaigns to make a show of outrage and consternation.  At a campaign event John McCain bellowed… Too many people on Wall Street have been recklessly wagering instead […]

General Petraeus’s Last Letter to the Troops in Iraq

“You have been builders and diplomats as well as guardians and warriors.” . “Your accomplishments have in fact been the stuff of history.” .