The Gibson Doctrine: McCain-Palin Must Be Brought Down

On The Anniversary of 9-11 ABC’s Charles Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin and attempted to make her appear uninformed by asking her if she agreed with “The Bush Doctrine.” She didn’t know what he meant and asked for clarification, which he refused to give.  So she ventured a general answer. Finally, he sneered at her over […]

The Democrat’s Most Lionized President Prayed Out Loud!

FDR prayed out loud. In our previous post we discussed The Left’s irrational fear of religious expression, and Charles Gibson’s outrageous attempts to deceive ABC’s TV audience by misquoting remarks made by Sarah Palin to a gathering at her church. Someone should remind The Left of their roots. On the evening of June 6, 1944, […]

The Media Herd’s Holy War on Sarah Palin

The term “holy war” describes a conflict based on religious differences.  Apparently, the media herd and the leftist blogs have decided that the selection of Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential Nominee is McCain’s declaration of holy war against them.  Last night, Charles Gibson used the term “holy war” as part of his futile effort to […]