Obama’s Iraq Speech: Utopia Lost

Today Barack Obama delivered a long, rambling speech on “national security.” This is the first in a series of posts that will analyze his remarks. . After claiming to have been inspired by America’s initial efforts to win the cold war, Senator Obama referred to the the 9-11 attacks: The attacks of September 11 brought […]

One Small Step Toward Cheaper Gasoline

President Bush today lifted a 15 year old executive ban on drilling for oil in the Outer Continental Shelf, the first step in a series of steps needed to finally permit American companies to produce more oil, adding to supply and ultimately, bringing down oil and gasoline prices. The continental shelf is the gently sloping […]

A Man of Hope and Good Cheer Goes Home to The Lord

Tony Snow was the rare Washington personality who was loved by everyone, including political adversaries. Tony was a joyous Christian who demonstrated positive Christianity through his optimism, generosity and courage. All of us who seek to live as Jesus would have us live, should try to be as cheerful and optimistic as Tony Snow, especially […]

Obama’s 16 Month Plan: Slow Motion Catastrophe

Last week Senator Obama held two press conferences in one day to discuss withdrawal from Iraq. Since then, the media herd has obsessed on whether he committed a certified flip-flip. Obama’s responses to the press weren’t a flip-flop, they were a loafer; intellectually lazy equivocations. His position is dangerous because he appears to believe that […]

The Inevitable Outcome of Obama’s 16 Month Plan

The last time the anti-war left convinced America to “end” a war, by abandoning the people who believed we were their allies and had been loyal to us was 1975. Virtually all American troops had come home from Vietnam, after training the South Vietnamese army to take over defense of their country, with the support […]

ANWR: The Inconvenient Truth (Part 1)

The inconvenient truth is revealed in these winter and summer photos of ANWR’s barren, coastal plain… . Using modern technology to explore for, and extract oil from a barren, frozen plain looks like this… ANWR is a wildlife refuge because of politics, not because God or an infallible natural law made it so. In a […]

In Every Generation Some Have Sacrificed For Liberty

Sergeant Michael A Thomas’ Personal Narrative “Three A.M. in Bangor, Maine” As I walked off the plane, I was taken aback. In the small, dimly lit airport, a group of elderly veterans were there waiting for us, lined up one by one to shake our hands. Some were standing, others were confined to wheelchairs, and […]

Obama Campaign’s Stunning Arrogance; Part II

Yesterday’s post was about Retired General Wesley Clark, in his role as an Obama campaign spokesman, asserting that John McCain’s experiences in combat, as a POW, as commander of the Navy’s largest squadron, and as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee, made him less qualified to be Commander-in-Chief than Barack Obama, who has virtually […]

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