A Man of Hope and Good Cheer Goes Home to The Lord

Tony Snow was the rare Washington personality who was loved by everyone, including political adversaries. Tony was a joyous Christian who demonstrated positive Christianity through his optimism, generosity and courage. All of us who seek to live as Jesus would have us live, should try to be as cheerful and optimistic as Tony Snow, especially […]

Obama’s 16 Month Plan: Slow Motion Catastrophe

Last week Senator Obama held two press conferences in one day to discuss withdrawal from Iraq. Since then, the media herd has obsessed on whether he committed a certified flip-flip. Obama’s responses to the press weren’t a flip-flop, they were a loafer; intellectually lazy equivocations. His position is dangerous because he appears to believe that […]

The Inevitable Outcome of Obama’s 16 Month Plan

The last time the anti-war left convinced America to “end” a war, by abandoning the people who believed we were their allies and had been loyal to us was 1975. Virtually all American troops had come home from Vietnam, after training the South Vietnamese army to take over defense of their country, with the support […]