ObamaNomics Part III: Higher Tax Rates

Obama is a conventional, old school leftist. He obstinately denies an obvious economic truth that has been demonstrated three times in the past fifty years: lower income tax rates can and do generate more prosperity and more income tax revenue to the government than higher tax rates. Revenue increases resulted from the Kennedy tax cuts […]

You Can Help Provide a Home for An Injured Hero

There are virtually no homes for sale anywhere in America that have been built or altered to meet the special needs of amputees, paraplegics or quadriplegics. Building or remodeling homes to accommodate the needs of severely wounded warriors is the way “Homes for Our Troops” thanks service members. Homes for Our Troops serves men and […]

Obamanomics Part II: A Third Bush Term

In his so-called “Major Address on Economics” last week Barack Obama – who promises to transform national politics into something new and fresh – uses some of the same, deceptive rhetoric Leftists have used for decades. Senator Obama asserted… For eight long years, our President sacrificed investments in health care, and education, and energy, and […]

American Heroes The Media Herd Didn’t Notice

Obamanomics: Part I

Barack man-of-change Obama preaches the old time Democrat religion. . .Earlier this week Barack Obama gave a speech that was hyped as a “major address on economics.” It turned out to be yet another vacuous, Obama monologue, targeting the uninformed with a standardized formula that starves the listener’s intellect and indulges his/her emotions. Step one: […]

May Recruiting Statistics

Our previous post mentioned Military Recruiting statistics for April.  Today the Pentagon released the May numbers: Pentagon officials note that the Army National Guard has already recruited 109% of its Fiscal 2008 quota, and the shortfall in May represents a deliberate adjustment in the recruiting effort. Presidential Candidates in general, and Barack Obama specifically, should […]

Military Recruiting Goals Met

Three years ago there was a lot of news about military recruiting because the services failed to meet their monthly quotas several times.  Lately, there has been no news.  The media herd doesn’t report recruiting statistics when the news is good. The services have delivered their April recruiting statistics.  The Air Force and Navy met […]

Iraq News the Media Herd Forgot to Report

Iraqi Children Eager to Learn English

Half the population of Iraq is under 18 and those children and teens have experienced a lot of interaction with our troops. The future leaders of Iraq will have received medical care, school supplies, tens of thousands of soccer balls and warm friendship from the best men and women America has to offer. In this […]

Is Tony Rezko’s Conviction Relevant to the Obama Campaign?

This was a tangible benefit, worth several Hundred Thousand Dollars, to Barack Obama from Tony Rezko.

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