Navy Seal Receives Medal of Honor Posthumously

President Bush awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously to Petty Officer Second Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor at the White House April 8, 2008. Petty Officer Monsoor received the award for his actions in Ar Ramadi, Iraq on Sept. 29, 2006. On that day, Monsoor was part of a sniper overwatch security position with three […]

America’s Best and Iraq’s Children

Half the population of Iraq is under 18 and those children and teens have experienced a lot of interaction with our troops. The future leaders of Iraq have received medical care, school supplies, tens of thousands of soccer balls and warm friendship from some of the finest people America has to offer. If America’s leaders […]

Obama Hasn’t Justified His Iraq Position

Michael Barone, politics guru extraordinaire, does more thorough studies of exit polls, reaching more intellectually competent conclusions, than anyone. He writes today, identifying adversarial “tribes” within the Democrat party. “In state after state — from New Hampshire and Michigan to Texas and Ohio — Obama runs unusually strongly in counties with large universities. Academics — […]

It Ain’t Over ‘Till the Clintons Say It’s Over

In politics as in war contenders swear they’ll never give up – until they finally do. Then, suddenly, they quit. The Clintons may not keep their promise to take their cause all the way to the convention in August. But if they want to keep fighting, even though they’re behind in the delegate count, they […]

Porkers Hall of Fame

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today issued it’s annual “Pig Book,” a report on pork-spending projects. The report lists $17.2 Billion in spending on 11,610 projects for fiscal year 2008 The 11,610 projects represent a 337 percent increase over the 2,658 projects in fiscal year 2007. The $17.2 billion is a 30 percent increase over […]

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